Astrum battery for Acer 3800 / 3820 series laptops

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ACER 3820
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Astrum battery for Acer 3800 / 3820 series laptops
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Astrum battery for Acer 3800 / 3820 series laptops


100% compatible with specified laptop brand & size
Made from high quality materials
Samsung original cells for long life cycle
True output gives correct voltage required
Compatible with the following part numbers:
AK.006BT.082 AS01B41 AS10B31 AS10B3E AS10B41 AS10B51 AS10B5E
AS10B61 AS10B6E AS10B71 AS10B73 AS10B75 AS10B7E BT.00603.110
BT.00604.048 BT.00605.061 BT.00605.063 BT.00606.007 BT.00606.009
BT.00606.010 BT.00607.122 BT.00607.123 BT.00607.124 BT.00607.128
BT.00607.129 LC.BTP00.119 LC.BTP00.120 LC.BTP00.133 LC.BTP01.029
Compatible with the following models:
Aspire 7339
Aspire 3820 Series
Aspire 3820, Aspire 3820 MS2292,
Aspire 3820-A52C, Aspire 3820T,
Aspire 3820T-3051, Aspire 3820T-334G32n,
Aspire 3820T-334G50n, Aspire 3820T-5246,
Aspire 3820T-5851, Aspire 3820T-N52B,
Aspire 3820TG, Aspire 3820TG-332G50na,
Aspire 3820TG-334G32Mn, Aspire 3820TG-334G50n,
Aspire 3820TG-352G50n, Aspire 3820TG-352G50nc(silver),
Aspire 3820TG-372G50nss01, Aspire 3820TG-382G50nss04,
Aspire 3820TG-432G50n, Aspire 3820TG-432G50nd(silver),
Aspire 3820TG-434G64n, Aspire 3820TG-482G64nss05,
Aspire 3820TG-5452G50nsse, Aspire 3820TG-5462G64nss03,
Aspire 3820TG-7360, Aspire 3820TZ
Aspire 4553 Series
Aspire 4553, Aspire 4553G
Aspire 4625 Series
Aspire 4625, Aspire 4625G
Aspire 4745 Series
Aspire 4745, Aspire 4745G, Aspire 4745Z
Aspire 4820 Series
Aspire 4820, Aspire 4820G, Aspire 4820T,
Aspire 4820T-333G25Mn, Aspire 4820T-334G32Mn,
Aspire 4820T-3697, Aspire 4820T-434G32Mn,
Aspire 4820T-5570, Aspire 4820TG, Aspire 4820TG-3195,
Aspire 4820TG-334G32Mn, Aspire 4820TG-334G50Mn,
Aspire 4820TG-432G50Mn, Aspire 4820TG-432G50Mn(silver),
Aspire 4820TG-434G50Mn, Aspire 4820TG-434G64Mn,
Aspire 4820TG-482G64Mnss05, Aspire 4820TG-524G50Mnm,
Aspire 4820TG-524G64Mn, Aspire 4820TG-524G64Mn(silver),
Aspire 4820TG-5452G50Mnssb, Aspire 4820TG-5462G64Mnss03,
Aspire 4820TG-5564G75Mnss04, Aspire 4820TG-5637,
Aspire 4820TG-7566, Aspire 4820TZ, Aspire 4820TZG
Aspire 5553 Series
Aspire 5553, Aspire 5553G
Aspire 5625 Series
Aspire 5625, Aspire 5625G
Aspire 5745 Series
Aspire 5745, Aspire 5745-5453G32Mnks, Aspire 5745DG,
Aspire 5745DG-5462G50Mnks, Aspire 5745G, Aspire 5745P,
Aspire 5745P-373G32Mnks
Aspire 5820 Series
Aspire 5820, Aspire 5820G, Aspire 5820T,
Aspire 5820T-333G32Mn, Aspire 5820T-334G32Mn,
Aspire 5820T-434G50Mn, Aspire 5820T-5316,
Aspire 5820T-5452, Aspire 5820T-5900, Aspire 5820T-5951,
Aspire 5820T-6178, Aspire 5820T-7683, Aspire 5820TG,
Aspire 5820TG-334G32Mn, Aspire 5820TG-334G50Mn,
Aspire 5820TG-432G50Mn, Aspire 5820TG-432G50Mna(silver),
Aspire 5820TG-434G50Mn, Aspire 5820TG-482G64Mnss03,
Aspire 5820TG-5452G50Mnssb, Aspire 5820TG-5462G64Mnss02,
Aspire 5820TG-5612, Aspire 5820TG-7357, Aspire 5820TZ,
Aspire 5820TZG
Aspire 7745 Series
Aspire 7745, Aspire 7745-5602, Aspire 7745G, Aspire 7745G-434G1TMn_Gamer,
Aspire 7745G-728G1TBn, Aspire 7745Z
Aspire AS3820 Series
Aspire AS3820T-374G32nks, Aspire AS3820T-374G50nks,
Aspire AS3820TG-374G32n, Aspire AS3820TG-374G32nks,
Aspire AS3820TG-374G50nks, Aspire AS3820TG-382G50nss,
Aspire AS3820TG-482G64nss, Aspire AS3820TG-484G50nks,
Aspire AS3820TG-5462G64nss, Aspire AS3820TG-5464G75nks,
Aspire AS3820TZ-P613G32nks, Aspire AS4820T-373G32Mnks,
Aspire AS4820T-374G32Mnks, Aspire AS4820T-6645,
Aspire AS4820TG-374G50Mnks, Aspire AS4820TG-482G64Mnss,
Aspire AS4820TG-5462G64Mnss, Aspire AS4820TG-5464G32Mnks,
Aspire AS4820TG-5464G50Mnks, Aspire AS4820TG-5564G75Mnss,
Aspire AS4820TG-644G16Mnks, Aspire AS4820TG6847
Aspire AS5745 Series
Aspire AS5745-374G64Mnks, Aspire AS5745-384G64Mnks,
Aspire AS5745-5453G32MNKS, Aspire AS5745-6492,
Aspire AS5745-7247, Aspire AS5745G-374G50Mnks,
Aspire AS5745G-5462G64Mnks, Aspire AS5745G-5562G75Mnks,
Aspire AS5745G-6323, Aspire AS5745G-724G50Mnks,
Aspire AS5745G-724G64Mn, Aspire AS5745G-7671,
Aspire AS5745P-373G32Mnks, Aspire AS5745PG-334G50Mn,
Aspire AS5745PG-354G32Mnks, Aspire AS5745PG-354G32Mns,
Aspire AS5745PG-374G50Mn, Aspire AS5745PG-374G50Mnks,
Aspire AS5745PG-384G32Mnks, Aspire AS5745PG-5464G50Bnks,
Aspire AS5745PG-5978, Aspire AS5745PG-6420
Aspire AS5820 Series
Aspire AS5820T-354G32Mnks, Aspire AS5820T-354G32Mns,
Aspire AS5820T-373G32Mnks, Aspire AS5820T-374G32Mnks,
Aspire AS5820T-6401, Aspire AS5820T-6825,
Aspire AS5820TG-482G64Mnss, Aspire AS5820TG-484G64Mnss,
Aspire AS5820TG-5462G64Mnss, Aspire AS5820TG-5464G75Mnks
Aspire AS7745 Series
Aspire AS7745-7949, Aspire AS7745-7949W7HP,
Aspire AS7745G-434G1TMn, Aspire AS7745G-434G1TMnks,
Aspire AS7745G-434G50Mn, Aspire AS7745G-464G75Bnks,
Aspire AS7745G-5454G50Bnks, Aspire AS7745G-5464G64Bnks,
Aspire AS7745G-5464G64Mnks, Aspire AS7745G-5464G75Bnks,
Aspire AS7745G-7744G50Bnks, Aspire AS7745G-9586,
Aspire AS7745G-9823
Aspire TimelineX 3820 Series
Aspire TimelineX 3820, Aspire TimelineX 3820T,
Aspire TimelineX 3820T-5190, Aspire TimelineX 3820TG,
Aspire TimelineX 3820TG-434G50N
Aspire TimelineX 4820 Series
Aspire TimelineX 4820, Aspire TimelineX 4820T
Aspire TimelineX 5820 Series
Aspire TimelineX 5820, Aspire TimelineX 5820T,
Aspire TimelineX 5820TG
Aspire TimelineX AS3820 Series
Aspire TimelineX AS3820T, Aspire TimelineX AS3820T-6480,
Aspire TimelineX AS3820T-7459, Aspire TimelineX AS3820TG-334G32Mn,
Aspire TimelineX AS3820TG-374G32n, Aspire TimelineX AS3820TG-374G50nks,
Aspire TimelineX AS3820TG-382G50nks, Aspire TimelineX AS3820TG-382G50nss,
Aspire TimelineX AS3820TG-382G50nss04, Aspire TimelineX AS3820TG-482G50nss,
Aspire TimelineX AS3820TG-482G64nss, Aspire TimelineX AS3820TG-5462G64nss,
Aspire TimelineX AS3820TG-5464G75nks, Aspire TimelineX AS3820TG-6829,
Aspire TimelineX AS3820TG-7360
Aspire TimelineX AS4820 Series
Aspire TimelineX AS4820T-6645,
Aspire TimelineX AS4820T-7633,
Aspire TimelineX AS4820TG-334G32Mn,
Aspire TimelineX AS4820TG-334G50Mn,
Aspire TimelineX AS4820TG-374G50Mn,
Aspire TimelineX AS4820TG-374G50Mnks,
Aspire TimelineX AS4820TG-482G64Mnss,
Aspire TimelineX AS4820TG-5462G64Mnss03,
Aspire TimelineX AS4820TG-5464G75Mnks,
Aspire TimelineX AS4820TG-5564G75Mnss,
Aspire TimelineX AS4820TG-644G16Mnks,
Aspire TimelineX AS4820TG-6847,
Aspire TimelineX AS4820TG-7566,
Aspire TimelineX AS4820TG-7805
Aspire TimelineX AS5820 Series
Aspire TimelineX AS5820T-6401,
Aspire TimelineX AS5820T-6825,
Aspire TimelineX AS5820T-7683,
Aspire TimelineX AS5820TG-374G50Mn,
Aspire TimelineX AS5820TG-374G50Mnks,
Aspire TimelineX AS5820TG-482G64Mnss,
Aspire TimelineX AS5820TG-484G64Mnss,
Aspire TimelineX AS5820TG-5462G64Mnss,
Aspire TimelineX AS5820TG-5464G75Mnks

Please check your battery's Compatible Model & battery picture carefully to ensure compatibility with your Laptop before purchasing this battery.

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