EKWB EK-Torque HTC-12 Black

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EK-Torque HTC-12 Black (3831109814413)
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EKWB EK-Torque HTC-12 Black
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EKWB EK-Torque HTC-12 Black (3831109814413)


EK-Quantum Torque HDC 12 - Black
Product EAN: 3831109814413


EK-Quantum Torque HTC 12 fittings are EK's new minimalistic 12mm hard-tube compression fittings designed for use with solid tubing such as Acrylic and PETG. With a non-intrusive, yet striking look, and with NO added branding at all. They can be complemented by interchangeable aesthetic color rings, and are an ideal choice for anyone and a perfect match with EK-Quantum series products.

The locking ring prevents solid tube to be pulled out of the fitting by compressing the rubber gasket underneath the ring. The grooves on the outside allow for easier hand tightening. The compression ring has cutouts in EK Quantum signature shape allowing for the colored aesthetic ring to be shown. The colored rings are available in many colors and are screwed onto the fitting before the compression locking ring. The aesthetic rings are sold separately.
The fitting barb and the compression rings are covered with a unique, high-quality satin black finish. Both are made of CNC machined brass and the seal is made quality rubber O-rings. Black EK-QuantumTorque series fittings are intentionally not painted on the inside to reduce the level of possible pollutants in the loop.
The base fitting surface is smooth and has no adequate gripping surface, but the inside of the barb is socketed with a 9mm hex Allen key pattern. It's highly recommended to use an Allen Key 9mm (purchased separately) to prevent skin damage to the fingertips while installing the fitting. Please, be advised not to use excessive force when attaching fitting barbs using Allen Key 9mm in order to prevent damage to other liquid cooling products!

These fittings are guaranteed to be compatible with all other EK Water Blocks liquid cooling products.

If you are interested in buying spare outer o-rings for the G1/4" seal, you can find them here . If you want to buy replacement inner o-rings, you can get EK-HDC 12mm o-rings here .

Technical data:
Finish: Satin black
Thread: G1/4" BSP; 4.5mm male thread length
Supported tube: 12mm OD
The outer diameter of a fitting: 20mm
Installed height: 15mm
Compatible solid tubing: Acrylic, PETG, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel
Please wet the gasket (o-ring) using drops of water prior to installing the solid tube.
Do not use excessive force when inserting solid tube!
Do not use excessive force when attaching fitting barbs using Allen Key 9mm in order to prevent damage!
It is mandatory to use a chamfer tool on the edges of the freshly cut solid tube in order to prevent gasket (o-ring) damage.
This product should NOT be installed with any aluminum Fluid Gaming parts!
EK strongly recommends the use of PETG inserts with the use of PETG tubes.
The aesthetic rings are sold separately.


Material / Design / Color option Black
Threads G1/4

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