Huawei GT Active Orange Smart Watch

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Huawei Watch GT Active Orange
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Featuring a double crown AMOLED screen and lightweight design, this watch is classy and sleek. Pair that with a ceramic bezel; design, stainless steel shell, and you're ready to explore.

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Watch ModelGT Active
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Huawei GT Active Smart Watch - Orange

Slim, Beautiful, Strong:

Featuring a double crown AMOLED screen and lightweight design, this watch is classy and sleek. Pair that with a ceramic bezel; design, stainless steel shell, and you're ready to explore.

2 Week Battery Life (Battery life may vary depending on usage.):

Featuring a double chipset architecture and low power consumption system, HUAWEI WATCH GT provides 2 week battery life (Battery life may vary depending on usage.) To keep up with wherever you go.

Real-time Heartrate Monitoring:

Huawei TruSeen 3.0 heartrate monitoring technology provides a more efficient and accurate real-time personal measurement of your heartrate by using a self-learning algorithm and innovative sensors.

Always Ready:

Multiple sports modes for many outdoor, indoor and training activities, the HUAWEI WATH GT is ready to Make it Possible.

Smart Running Coach:

Stay Fit with the HUAWEI WATCH GT that provides coaching in introductory to advanced running courses to assist you in real-time while also providing guidance.

Swimming Stroke Recognition:

50M Water Resistant. HUAWEI WATH GT can record your swimming stroke and automatically provide a SWOLF score upon completion of your swim.

3 Satellites and 1 Precise Location:

HUAWEI WATCH GT supports 3 Satellites positioning Systems. (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO) worldwide to offer more accurate, faster and precise position (Galileo not available in South Africa)

Intelligent Sleep Statistics:

HUAWEI TruSleep 2.0 identifies common sleep related issues and provides more than 200 potential suggestions to help you sleep better.

Customize Your Watch Face:

Lots of specially designed watch faces for you to select and customize. You can choose from traditional or modern digital watch faces and find one that suits your style.

Smart Notifications:

Perfect for counting steps, your sedentary status and monitoring peak intense activities. Notifications of any messages, phone calls, alarms or set reminders are all organized on your wrist.

Naming: Inheriting GT DNA:

The HUAWEI WATCH GT's name is inspired by the automobile industry, where "GT" is an abbreviation of Gran Tursimo in Italian and Grand Tourer in English. "GT" is commonly associated with high-performing and luxury vehicles now, and its dates to the early 1960s, where safe and reliable cars for long-distance driving were not as common as today. It was then that a new group of high-performing and luxury vehicles - GT, emerged and became a popular choice for many. The abbreviation, "GT", has been passed down and used ever since.

Huawei broke traditional perception on usage of "GT" and incorporated it into the name of this smart watch, defining and positioning HUAWEI WATCH GT as the "GT" in the wearable devices industry with its long standby duration, high performance and reliability for its users.

Targeted Users: Urban Explorers:

With the rapid development of technology and rise in standard of living, there is a growing trend of many, who are curious, open-minded and ready to explore anything possible, to think out-of-the-box and better their lives and others with meaningful purpose. These urban explorers go beyond traditional boundaries and are enthusiastic to devote their lives to solving problems of today creatively and will never stop trying.

Just like how smart watches complement smart phones, HUAWEI WATCH GT is perfectly tailored for the urban explorer's keen on pursuing quality of life or are interested in new innovation and technology. It is a smart, high-performing and durable outdoor watch fitted with many practical features.

Design Concept: Refined Craftsmanship with Larger, Thinner Size:

With a big screen (46 mm) and thin profile (10.6 mm), the HUAWEI WATCH GT challenges how thin a smart watch can be. Keeping in style this watch features a larger screen and battery with larger capacity, the HUAWEI WATCH GT is indeed a leader in the smart watch industry. Moreover, the watch is exquisitely crafted with classic aesthetic elements in its design for a sophisticated look. This watch definitely raises the standards for a gentleman's watch.

GT is of the finest quality. Beyond the technical specifications, every number tells a story. The strict purification process (selecting just a few ceramic parts per million), a 100 MPa high-pressure injection molding process, sintering at 1500°C for 36 hours, grinding the diamond for 126 hours, are just part of 23 processes. At the end of 12 days, you are finally delivered a high-quality ceramic bezel, eye-catching and elegant. Having a hardness that is six times higher than stainless steel, the HUAWEI WATCH GT will retain its lust even in the most extreme scenario.

High-quality stainless steel watch body:

Made of top quality imported 316L stainless steel, it undergoes 8 round tempering process at 1100°C, a 1200-second refined CNC process followed by 20 steps of careful craftsmanship to create the body. The HUAWEI WATCH GT combines classic watch elements with the most advanced technology. Currently, traditional smart watch manufacturing methods are gradually being replaced by newer and more efficient techniques to produce quality smart watches in a shorter period to meet the demand. Huawei values details and quality and utilizes sophisticated manufacturing techniques dedicated to providing excellent smart watches for its users. Apart from that, DLC carbon coating technology is applied to both the HUAWEI WATCH GT Steel and Black Edition, increasing the hardness of the watch surface by two to three times. In this regard, users don't have to worry about wearing the watch even in extreme conditions.

Active Edition: Premium comfortable fluoroelastomer strap:

Fluoroelastomers are widely used in aerospace and automobile industry, and even household appliances. It is an essential and top-quality material used by most manufacturing companies in China. Using fluroelastomer as the strap material for HUAWEI WATCH GT Active Edition boosts its durability and water and dirt resistance while retaining comfort.

AMOLED HD Color Touchscreen:

Fitted with a 1.39-inch AMOLED HD color touchscreen with a resolution of 454 x 454 pixels, never squint your eyes again with such crisp and clear display.

UI Design, Multi-color Design Showcases Vitality:

Different colors are used on the watch to represent different types of fitness data and scenarios.

a. Red for heart rate icon represents enthusiasm and passion; the beating heart design brings vividness and liveliness.

Cyan for breathing exercises icon represents comfort and nature. The icon design is inspired by traditional Chinese martial arts, Taiji, which is based on the concept of "supreme ultimate" with fusion of yin and yang. It encourages focusing one's mind to find peace and tranquility.

Yellow-orange workout records icon represents motivation and progress. The trophy is designed to resemble ancient Athens temple pillars, creating a mystic yet grand feeling.

Purple sleep icon stands for dreamy and relaxing sleep.

Green workout icon represents vitality and health.

Sporty and Modern Font Design:

Exquisite fonts with refined curvature that are pleasing to the eye are used. Each line aligns flawlessly in a straight direction, and the clean outline of each font stroke reflects vitality with a sleek and modern touch.

Scenario-based Design to Enhance User Experience:

During running, the user needs to check workout data. If you want to check workout data, screen text readability on the smart watch may pose as an issue due to wrist movement during workout. To tackle this issue, Huawei has selected larger font size while ensuring that all important workout is displayed on screen, so you can view your progress quickly at a glance during workout, Personalized settings to cater to different user habits and needs.

Professional Graphics for Clear and Intuitive Data Display:

The bar graphs, line charts and progress bars provide visual overview of your data such as workout progress or sleep quality trend overtime. The vibrant colors and aesthetically pleasing graphics add life to the display while retaining important data that is simple to understand so you can get the most out of it.

Variety of Watch Faces to Match Different Occasions:

Stand out from the rest with a variety of watch faces to choose from in the HUAWEI WATCH GT. Whether it is for a birthday party, workout, or work, you can always find one to suit the occasion!

Robust Power Performance for Outdoor Smart Watch:

In recent years, the smart watch industry has been gaining much attention and growing rapidly with

increase in adoption rate. However, smart watches, compared with traditional watches such as mechanical or quartz, face a common challenge insufficient battery capacity to handle daily tasks. For those who enjoy being outdoors or likes to travel, long standby time is extremely essential.

Two-week Ultra-Long Standby Time

Typical scenario (maximum 1 week):

wearing the watch for an entire day (24 hours) with heart rate monitoring enabled, scientific sleep tracking enabled at night, exercises for 90 minutes a week (GPS on), message notification enabled (50 SMSs, 6 incoming calls and 3 alarm reminders), and screen on for 200 times a day.

Daily usage (maximum 14 days):

wearing the watch for an entire day (24 hours) with heart rate monitoring, scientific sleep tracking and GPS disabled, message notification enabled (50 SMSs, 6 incoming calls and 3 alarm reminders), screen on for 200 times a day.

Workout (maximum 10 hours):

wearing the watch while running a full marathon with GPS, heart rate monitoring and outdoor run enabled. Based on data from Huawei lab tests. Actual time varies with usage.

Smart Power-Saving Management:

HUAWEI WATCH GT has the ability to detect different types of activities such as sitting down, or sleeping, and provide suggestions to you. For example, if you have been sitting for a long time, it will remind you to walk around after 1 hour. It can also automatically detect your usage scenario, to manage power consumption more efficiently and extend standby time.

Double Chipset Architecture for Reduced Power Consumption:

HUAWEI WATCH GT is the first in the industry to adopt a double chipset architecture to enhance device performance while maintaining long standby time with controlled power consumption.

Energy efficient chip: reduces power consumption approximately 80%. High performance chip: enhances AMOLED HD color display.

Smart Workout, with Quick and Accurate Positioning:

HUAWEI WATCH GT is specifically designed for urban explorers, it is not only equipped with professional smart workout functions but provides quick and precise positioning perfectly catered for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Innovative Industry Leading GPS Technology:

Complementing the different workouts available, HUAWEI WATCH GT uses superior GPS technology

that supports 3 Satellite Positioning Systems for quick and precise positioning. Never worry about getting incomplete workout routes after exercise again.

Supports 3 satellite positioning systems:

Built-in GPS supports three simultaneous satellite positioning systems, which means the device can map out locations more accurately using comprehensive positioning information from multiple sources.

Optimized Hardware and Software to Prevent GPS Drift:

The "GPS hardware + assisted positioning software" are seamlessly optimized based on three geostationary satellites positioning, thus obtaining more accurate and comprehensive positioning data. Built-in GPS with superior performance compared to mainstream manufacturers in the industry.

Specialized ephemeris data ensures quick and accurate positioning. The HUAWEI WATCH GT adopts tracking optimization algorithm to further boost positioning accuracy.Tracking optimization algorithm: Precise positioning with Huawei-developed navigation algorithm + GPS positioning system. Tracking optimization under complex situation: for outdoor sports field or challenging outdoor terrains. Tracking optimization for open water swim: unique tracking optimization algorithm maps out accurate swimming routes.

Smarter TruSeenTM3.0 Heart Rate Monitoring:

Heart rate is a basic index reflecting a person's workout ability and health status. After four consecutive years of technology accumulation, Huawei has independently developed its TruSeen heart rate monitoring technology, the base of its core technologies for exercise health, which features more accurate, continuous and thoughtful heart rate monitoring. In terms of hardware, Huawei partners with top suppliers in customizing professional devices, and has optimized and designed PPG scheme with separated characteristics for lower power consumption and higher signal-to-noise ratio. In addition, Huawei 2012 Lab collaborates with Russian experts to further optimize the multi-sensor fusion + neural network and AI technologies. Huawei also collects and verifies typical big data samples regardless of costs to obtain wider range of test subjects and scenarios for more comprehensive and accurate test results.

Huawei has formed scientific evaluation system for different workout scenarios based on accurate, stable and continuous heart rate data. For example, evaluating VO2Max and workout effects while running, sleep quality while sleeping at night, or psychological stress during relaxation.

The scientific evaluation system based on TruSeen heart rate monitoring technology covers all existing disciplines of the industry. For example, scientists from Harvard Medical School have proposed the concept of Cardiopulmonary Coupling (CPC) as early as in 2005, which was then applied in medical products gradually, i.e. adopting chest electrocardiogram devices for sleep monitoring. In the future, Huawei will further explore more workout and health scenarios using TruSeen heart rate monitoring technology.

Innovative optical path design for accurate continuous measurement:

More optical components, higher efficiency, lower power consumption and better performance.

Mass optical simulation and prototype fine-tuning for best optical path combination. Flexible optical paths with non-visible light sensors to monitor heart rate during sleep, and possibly future applications to other health conditions.

Professional customized devices, self-developed algorithm for more accurate heart rate monitoring.

The watch adopts innovative PPG module design, featuring good signal quality, high sensitivity and low power consumption. In addition, Huawei 2012 Laboratories and Russia Research Center jointly developed the self-developed heart rate algorithm to simulate big data machine learning and self-study of human characteristics, making heart rate monitoring more accurate. Further to that, Huawei constantly optimizes the heart rate algorithm with the resources from Huawei Sports Health Lab, perfects and optimizes the heart rate monitoring algorithm through a large amount of data acquisition, verification and analyzes (covering skin color, BMI, age samples) to ensure universal adaptability of test results.

Smart heart rate monitoring for personal wellness:

With the TruSeenTM 3.0 heart rate monitoring technology, HUAWEI WATCH GT can monitor your heart rate in different scenarios such as get vibration alerts when your heart rate is reaching the heart rate limit for the workout chosen without needing to set a limit on your own. This helps you better manage your running speed and safeguards your health. If you are wearing your watch while resting, it can also automatically record your resting heart rate.

In the meantime, the watch supports 24-hour continuous smart heart rate monitoring. It can detect the user's workout status before entering the workout mode and intelligently adjusts the heart rate monitoring interval for accurate heart rate measurement. If you just want to measure your heart rate only when necessary, you can use the single heart rate measurement available. In addition, the watch also features rapid heart rate alerts, continuous stress monitoring and stress alerts, (not supported on phone models sold outside China), and moderate to high-intensity workout tracking.

During workout, it can monitor real-time workout heart rate, workout heart rate interval, VO2Max, recovery time, and provide running courses, rapid heart rate warning, etc. If you are not working out, it can monitor 24-hour heart rate, resting heart rate, and provide rise in Personalized Scientific Solution for Sports and Wellness. Huawei collaborates with FirstBeat, a leading provider of psychological analytics for sports and wellness, to provide users with intelligent evaluation of workout performance, science-based workout methods, and personalized workout plans, voice instruction based on heart rate, real-time tracking and evaluation of workout, and a series of professional workout analysis and recommendations. The professional workout evaluation data includes aerobic/anaerobic training performance, training status, training load, performance index, recovery time suggestion, VO2max, etc. At present, HUAWEI WATCH GT is the leading smart watch for scientific workout program in the industry. Huawei is also working with the sports development lab of General Administration of Sport in China to develop running posture detection and many other useful features to better the workout experience.

Multiple Workout Scenarios:

HUAWEI WATCH GT supports a variety of sports modes (Climb, Trail run, Outdoor Walk, Run, Cycle, Pool Swim, Open Water and Others), and collaborates with professional sports organizations to provide comprehensive workout data such as time, distance, heart rate, cadence, steps, step length, pace, aerobic/anaerobic training performance, training status, training load, recovery time and VO2max.

To ensure that you are completing a safe and effective workout, the built-in voice assistant sends an alert to you if your heart rate is moving to the next zone, heart rate limit alerts, etc. During a workout, you will also receive real-time workout data such as heart rate analysis, training performance, pace, and cadence, etc. so you can manage your workout intensity and reduce risk of sports injury.

The HUAWEI WATCH GT has a dedicated sports leaderboard and medals sections, and you can also compete against your friends, checking ranking, share workout report, and get medals for personal or group achievements. The watch is suitable for the following workout: Cross-country running and mountain climbing: With the built-in altimeter, barometer and compass, and the watch provides complete 3D distance / altitude / elevation / climbing and other data for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Outdoor/indoor running: Offers wide range of running levels from introductory to advanced, and intelligently recommends courses (Supported on Android system in China), and provides voice assistant for workout courses, real-time feedback on workout effects, and evaluation of workout effects.

Outdoor Cycling: Provides professional data for cyclists, including distance, speed, heart rate, calories, altitude, cumulative climbing and descent distance.

Swimming in swimming pool / open water: Automatically recognizes swim strokes and calculates stroke count and average SWOLF (swimming efficiency). You can also receive workout data such as distance, time, calories, number of strokes, speed, etc. In addition, the watch is 5 ATM water resistant and can withstand water pressure up to 50 meters for 10 minutes as proved by simulation under normal temperature.

Triathlon: Three types of workout are supported under Triathlon, including open water, outdoor cycling, and outdoor running. The watch can record the entire triathlon and all achievements, including the time through transition area. Data recorded in open water, outdoor running, and outdoor cycling under Triathlon is consistent with that under Open water, Outdoor cycle, and Outdoor run. Moreover, the HUAWEI WATCH GT provides overall data analysis for workout under Triathlon, helping you exercise more effectively and efficiently.

Scientific Training Plan:

With increasing awareness of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, many are starting to work out regularly. However, not all have been exercising effectively or are aware of science-based workout. As a result, it adds burden to the body rather than building muscles or losing fat. Excessive workout may also create adverse effect to your body and increase risk of injury. HUAWEI WATCH GT attempts to bridge this gap by providing scientific coaching with recommended heart rate for fat loss, endurance improvement, cardiology training, etc.

These plans include introductory to advanced professional workout courses (automatically recommended based on individual's workout ability), workout course coaching, workout data, body condition alerts, post-workout analysis, and other workout recommendations. Huawei uses TruSeen heart rate monitoring technology to provide reliable, accurate and comprehensive workout report to you.

Introductory to advanced courses for smarter training

Pre-set basic running course: including introductory series, fat-burning run series, endurance enhancement series, and cardiology exercise series.


- Cardioresipiratory workout

- HIIT (High-intensity interval training)

- Tempo run

- Cruise interval

- Endurance training

- Aerobic endurance run

- Long slow distance (LSD) run

- Maximum aerobic function (MAF) 180 (Advanced)

- Maximum aerobic function (MAF) 180 (Entry)

- Fat burning workout

- Medium Intensity Training (MIIT)

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Huawei GT Active Smart Watch

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