Kingston 32GB DDR5-4800 CL40 288 pin 1.1V Memory Module

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Kingston 32GB DDR5-4800 CL40 288 pin 1.1V Memory Module
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Memory FunctionsNormal Memory
Memory TypeDesktop Memory


Kingston 32GB DDR5-4800 CL40 288 pin 1.1V Memory Module, 2R (Dual Rank), KCP548UD8-32


Kingston DDR5 System Specific Memory For Desktop and Notebook.
Kingston Technology is the world's independent memory leader and is well-known for providing high quality memory products at an attractive price. Kingston DDR5 Desktop and Notebook Memory is designed for customers who are looking the most reliable and respected components in the industry to ensure maximum performance and legendary Kingston reliability.

Chip Brand and Performance.
When Kingston designs a new memory module for a newly released system, Kingston engineers test several brands of chips on the new module design. This testing allows us to determine which brands of chips provide the best performance. Kingston uses a controlled bill of materials for our system-specific module designs to deliver the best performance for your system.

Chip Compatibility.
While Kingston tests the chip performance for a specific system, it also tests the chips for compatibility. As memory speeds get faster, chip compatibility becomes increasingly important and varies from system to system, so Kingston tests several different chip brands in each system it supports and has approved vendor lists for its modules.

In addition, module physical dimensions affect a module design's compatibility. In many systems, the number of chips makes a module physically installable and electrically compatible. Designing modules for chip compatibility as well as chip quantity allows us to guarantee absolute compatibility with the system or class of systems in which the module will be installed.

In-System Testing.
Kingston's engineering process includes the testing of each new module design in the system in which it will ultimately be used. The memory is tested on the system motherboard and with the applications and operating systems most commonly used in the system. This is just one step in the seven-stage pre-production testing process. The in-system testing allows us to ensure that the memory is compatible with all aspects of the system we are designing for including hardware, operating systems and applications.


SKU KCP548UD8-32
EAN/UPC Code 740617328820
Brand Kingston
Memory Capacity 32GB
Module Quantity 1 Module
Speed (Data Rate) 4800MT/s (PC5-38400)
Speed (Clock Rate) 2400Mhz
Module Type DIMM
Error Check Non-ECC
Model/Series/Type KCP
CAS Latency CL40
Form Factor DDR5
Rank 2R (Dual Rank)
Pins 288 Pin
Operating Temperature 0°C to 85°C
DRAM Density 16Gbit
Memory Voltage 1.1v
Memory Depth 4G
Product Type/Family RAM
Packaging Type Retail
Data Width X64
Chip Organization x8

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