Rapoo vPro V600S Wireless electric vibration Gamepad

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Rapoo vPro V600S Wireless electric vibration Gamepad
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Joystick/Gamepad TypeWireless

Rapoo vPro V600S Wireless electric vibration Gamepad, For PC / PlayStation PS3 / Android Platform, Built-In 550mAh polymer battery, 2.4GHz Smart Wireless Gamepad, Asymmetric Double vibration feedback on the left and right side


Dual touch, ergonomic design and classic button layout
The smooth surface and matte texture brings together amazing appearance and ultimate comfort. With an eight-way directional pad and dual analog sticks, V600 is easily manipulated with high accuracy. V600 features slip-resistant sides and contoured grips. It is easy to hold and greatly improves control even in the most intense game sessions.

High compatibility with common platforms
Use XInput (X) mode to play a new generation of gamepad games on PC Windows. Use DirectInput (D) mode to play classic gamepad games on PC Windows. Use Android (A) standard mode to play Android-supported gamepad games.

User-friendly buttons for easily winning games
X/D/A button allows you to easily switch among the three modes. TUR button allows you to quickly activate semi-automatic and fully automatic rapid-fire functions, and disable them. VIB button allows you to turn on/off the vibration.

Dual vibration motors for ultimate gaming experience
With the left motor of powerful vibration, V600 gives you exciting experience of feeling every crash and explosion in supported games. With the right motor of slight vibration, V600 provides precise feedback of every friction and hit in supported games.


2.4GHz smart wireless gamepad, with built-in 550mAh polymer battery
Double-sided hand ergonomics, 360 gamepad appearance structure
X/D/A three modes, suitable for PC/PS3/Android platform
Mode change/button combo/vibration feature/gamepad reset, with exclusive button
Asymmetric double vibration feedback on the left and right side, with various vibration effects from slight to strong

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