Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5" (T835) LTE & WiFi Tablet - Black

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Do more with less and radically rethink the concept of a work environment. The Galaxy Tab S4 now features Samsung DeX and a redesigned S Pen that's optimized for tablets. It's all you need wherever you are, whenever there's an urgent task.

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Brand Samsung
Tablet Operating System Android 8.1
Tablet Camera 13.0 MP
Tablet Screen Size 10.5 Inch
Tablet Sim Support Single Sim

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 - Black


Display: 10.5"

Camera Rear 13MP

Camera Front 8MP

Memory 4GB RAM

Connectivity: LTE

Operating System: Android 8.1 (Oreo)

Why is the Galaxy Tab S4 the right product at the right time?


- Powerful sound that's more than almost as loud as the Tab S3 (S4: four 1.2 W speakers / S3: four 0.64 W speakers)

- Quad speakers tuned by AKG for dynamic, breath-taking surround sound

- Be captivated: Dolby Atmos surround sound 15

- Look up text and images using optical character recognition (OCR ) technology

- Translate individual words (default setting) or whole sentences (optional setting)

- Convert foreign currencies and measurements

- Get creative with GIFs: Live Message

- Daily Board

- Bixby Vision 2.0

- SmartThings Daily Board, your home concierge 23

Productivity On the Go:

Do more with less and radically rethink the concept of a work environment. The Galaxy Tab S4 now features Samsung DeX and a redesigned S Pen that's optimized for tablets. It's all you need wherever you are, whenever there's an urgent task.

A new kind of desktop experience: Samsung DeX for Tablet:

Samsung DeX optimizes the user experience for work situations. In Standalone mode, you can enjoy a PC-like interface even without a monitor or the Book Cover Keyboard. In Dual mode, multitasking is much smoother, and you can use it to optimize your work environment by connecting your Galaxy Tab S4 to a bigger monitor with an HDMI adapter.

Work more effectively and get more done:

- Standalone mode: use as a portable PC with a Book cover keyboard

- Dual mode: connect to a monitor via HDMI Adapter

- Four input methods in Dual mode: Book cover keyboard, screen keyboard, touch pad, pad with S Pen

Just like a Desktop: Drag & Drop and Maximizing Windows:

In Samsung DeX Dual mode you can display various kinds of apps in full-screen view, even if the apps don't support freeform. Also, you can move files between apps and seamlessly shift content a very helpful function when you're working. It's just like using a desktop computer, except its much lighter to carry.

Powerful processor & expandable memory:

Thanks to its 10 nm AP, the Galaxy Tab S4 performs better than ever. The upgraded CPU and GPU let you multitask, watch high-resolution videos, or play graphics-intensive games with no lagging. Plus the Galaxy Tab S4 comes with up to 256 GB of internal memory and supports up to 400 GB of external memory, so you can download to your heart's content without running out of space.

Optimized Entertainment 12:

The Galaxy Tab S4's display is more immersive than ever, and the new quad speakers

dramatically improve your media experience. Unrivaled picture quality and virtual surround sound, movies and music that come to life. The stereo speakers, tuned by AKG and powered by Dolby Atmos, will transport you to depths of sound you can scarcely imagine. Get ready for breath-taking realism. The Galaxy Tab S4's bezel is barely visible and its iris sensor is hidden, creating perfect unity between screen and body. You see more and hold less. With nothing to distract you, the viewing experience is more immersive than ever before so you can get lost in a movie or TV show and forget everything else.

A distraction-free:

Immersive viewing experience Screen-to-body ratio: 79% Upgraded quad speakers for powerful sound. The Galaxy Tab S4's quad speakers, tuned by AKG, deliver almost twice the sound output of the previous Galaxy Tab richer and more powerful sound. And the audio is automatically routed to the correct speaker, no matter the screen's orientation. Enjoy bass that goes straight to the heart.

Dolby Atmos surround sound fills all three dimensions and delivers richer, deeper, more resonant sound. Watch a video or listen to music, with or without earphones and instantly be transported right there. Be captivated, at the heart of the action.

Breath-taking surround sound A battery that won't quit 16:

Keeps the fun going? The Galaxy Tab S4 has a 7,300 mAh battery, so you can enjoy movies, games and other content for as long as you want. A fully charged Galaxy Tab S4 can play up to 15 hours of video long enough to watch an entire season* of your favorite TV show.

Enhanced S Pen Experience:

The redesigned S Pen offers an authentic handwriting experience it's perfect for drawing, taking notes, and communicating in the modern world. And only with the S Pen can you create up to 100 pages of memos in Screen Off Memo and Samsung Notes. Only with the S Pen can you access the most advanced translation features and thrill your friends with Live Message.

The S Pen now features a sophisticated new design. Since it doesn't require charging, it's always ready when you need it and the thinner tip, more comfortable size, and quiet elastomer give the feel of a real pen, resized for a more comfortable grip (9.2 mm in diameter) quieter writing thanks to the elastomer tip 9.2 mm in diameter, ideal for a stable grip.

Doesn't require charging:

137.9 mm long, just like a real pen, for maximum comfort. Casual brainstorming with Screen Off Memo

Take down that brilliant idea before you forget! With the Galaxy Tab S4, you can create memos instantly even when the screen is off. You can also pin memos to the Home screen and edit them whenever you want.

Add up to 100 pages of memos and save them in Samsung Notes:

Pin memos to Always On Display and check, edit, or share them anytime. Communication for the modern world: Translate 20 With the S Pen, there's no need to consult dictionaries or search engines just hover your S Pen over the text and get the information you need.

A handwritten message is so much more personal than an email or text and now you can express yourself more creatively by adding your handwriting to a GIF or emoji that you've created, because sometimes words just aren't enough.

Live Message can be used with most messenger apps:

Smart Home & More Connected Confidential 22: The Galaxy Tab S4's smart features prove that convenience is more than just a buzzword: Get vital information in real time with SmartThings and Bixby Vision. Use a TV screen to watch videos saved on your tablet. And a new feature called Daily. Board optimizes the user experience more than ever. Choose the Galaxy Tab S4 and change your life for the better. Connect the Galaxy Tab S4 to the POGO Charging Dock to use it as a picture frame or check essential information such as the time and weather. Choose an album from Gallery (up to 1,000 pictures) and create a never-ending slide show you can also share them via Family Sharing.

Time & weather displayed on screen easy to check:

Choose an album from Gallery (up to 1,000 pictures) Share photos via Family Sharing Bixby Vision 2.0: Find out in real time 24 Bixby Vision 2.0, a new feature of the Galaxy Tab S4, presents a fresh and exciting way of looking at the world.

When you need information:

Just launch Bixby Vision and intuitively select an icon Beauty, Food, Shopping, Image, Place, QR Code, Text, or Wine. Then, point the camera to see the results in real time. That's all. SmartThings, a prerequisite for your smart life SmartThings offers an innovative way to enjoy the content you save on your Galaxy Tab S4 now you can maximize your videos and photos by viewing them on a TV screen. Connect your smart home appliances too. Whether you're having fun in your leisure time or taking care of household chores, you have a central base of operation with SmartThings. Begin the smart home life you know you deserve. Use screen mirroring to enjoy diverse content on a grander scale. Connect your home appliances to your Galaxy Tab S4 and control them more easily.


- Colour: Black

- Component's RAM Size in GB: 4 GB

- Operating system: Android

- Redesigned for outstanding usability

- Screen-Off Memo

- Translate

- Live Message

- Redesigned for outstanding usability

- A new kind of desktop experience: Samsung DeX for Tablet

- Just like a Desktop: Drag & Drop and Maximizing Windows

- Powerful processor & expandable memory

- Immersive display & slim bezel

- Quad speakers tuned by AKG

- Dolby Atmos

- Long-lasting battery

- Get into the screen 13

- Better performance: CPU 20% ?, GPU 26% ?, 4 GB of RAM

- Advanced 7,300 mAh battery

- Adaptive Fast Charging (takes 3.5 hours to charge completely)

- Dimensions: 249.3 × 164.3 × 7.1 mm / 482 g (Wi-Fi), 483 g (LTE)

- Weight: 9.3g

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