Bitfenix SNX-500-WWW1 Shinobi White XL Windowed full tower

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Bitfenix SNX-500-WWW1 SHinobi XL Windowed full tower - White , with 1x 2.5A supercharge usb port , support optional colored mesh strips , SofTouch surface treatment , no psu ( bottom placed + multi-direction psu design ) , support 487mm very long card when hdd cage removed ; 4x usb 3.0 + 1x usb super-charge port + audio in/out - 4/5x 5.25" external , 7x 3.5" internal , 1/0x 2.5" internal , rotatable+removable FlexCage hdd cage , all 5.25" bay tool-free - 3x 120mm Spectre fan upto 9 - XL-ATX / E-ATX
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Bitfenix SNX-500-WWW1 Shinobi White XL Windowed full tower - with 1x 2.5A supercharge USB port, support optional coloured mesh strips, SoftTouch surface treatment, no psu (bottom placed + multi-direction psu design), support 487mm very long card when hdd cage removed; 4x USB 3.0 + 1x usb2.0 + audio in/out - 4/5x 5.25" external, 7x 3.5" internal, 1/0x 2.5" internal, rotatable+removable Flex Cage hdd cage, all 5.25" bay tool-free - 3x 120mm Spectre fan up to 9 - XL-ATX / E-ATX


We've taken our battle-proven Shinobi design and expanded it, creating a roomy, feature-packed full tower enclosure that will not only turn heads, but take them clean off. The larger size enables you to outfit your Shinobi Window XL with the latest fear-inducing hardware, including XL-ATX motherboards and the longest graphics cards. Shinobi Window XL can accommodate up to two 360mm radiators, making it ideal for water cooling enthusiasts, while the crafted window side panel lets your opponents see what's coming for them. Four SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports and the all-new BitFenix SuperCharge™ port keep your peripherals and mobile devices ready for battle, while the BitFenix FlexCage™ hard disk rack adds to the Shinobi Window XL's nimbleness. With three included Spectre™ fans, tool-free drive locking, filtered intakes and signature BitFenix SofTouch™ Surface Treatment, Shinobi Window XL is the chassis you need when vengeance is not enough.


Classic BitFenix Shinobi Styling
The lineage is undeniable - Shinobi Window XL comes with same ventilated mesh fan vents and brushed aluminum logo of the original Shinobi for a clean modern look. The understated yet bold BitFenix design shines through with Shinobi Window XL, offering a bold chassis that shows you mean business.

Superior Water Cooling Support
The stealthiest warriors need to have ice running through their veins. Designed with water cooling in mind, Shinobi Window XL delivers the flexibility to outfit it with a large variety of water cooling setups. It supports a triple radiator on top, a triple radiator in front, or a dual radiator on the bottom out of the box, making it an ideal chassis for the water cooling enthusiast.

XL-ATX Compatibility
The bigger they are, the harder they hit. Sporting plenty of room and nine PCI slots, Shinobi Window XL accommodates even XL-ATX motherboards with ease - perfect for building a monster rig that obliterates anything in its path.

Crafted Window Side Panel
A large pane of clear acrylic lets your opponents peer inside to see the hardware within - and the fate that is about to befall them.

BitFenix SuperCharge™ Port
Quickness is the key to survival, which is why Shinobi Window XL comes with a BitFenix SuperCharge™ Port. This latest innovation from the BitFenix Labs supplies up to 2.5A of current for charging your mobile devices, including phones, portable consoles, and even tablets - up to 5 times that of USB 2.0. With BitFenix SuperCharge, your mobile gear is always charged and ready.

Four SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Ports
Pioneered on the BitFenix Raider, Shinobi Window XL also come with four SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports, delivering blazing fast file transfers and plenty of connectivity for your SuperSpeed devices. And if your motherboard doesn't have two internal USB 3.0 headers, these ports can also be used as USB 2.0 with the included 9-pin headers.

BitFenix FlexCage™ Hard Disk Rack
Shinobi Window XL is equipped with the new BitFenix FlexCage™. This hard disk rack can be rotated for a parallel hard disk configuration, or removed entirely to make room for water cooling equipment. Whether you're looking for increased airflow or space for extreme liquid cooling, Shinobi Window XL adapts.

BitFenix Spectre™ Cooling
Shinobi Window XL comes loaded with three BitFenix Spectre™ fans. Two 230mm Spectres adorn the top and front, and a 120mm Spectre provides exhaust in the back. With Shinobi Window XL, you get premium cooling right out of the box.

BitFenix SofTouch™ Surface Treatment
Shinobi Window XL also comes coated with signature BitFenix SofTouch™ Surface Treatment, which lends a premium matte finish and a luxurious soft feel. Resistant to fingerprints and scratches, SofTouch™ keeps your Shinobi Window XL looking great.

Hassle-Free Installation
Of course, Shinobi Window XL is fully loaded with many niceties that make BitFenix cases a joy to work with. Superb cable management in the form of rubber grommeted cable holes and over 3cm of space behind the motherboard tray enables an extremely clean build, while the tool-free drive locking mechanisms help you get your rig up and running quickly. Add to that dust filtered air intakes, a 5.25" drive bay adapter for additional hard disks or card readers, and a large CPU cutout, and Shinobi Window XL could be the easiest, most pain-free build you've ever experienced.

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