Enjoy Awesome Discounts with Reward Points at Cliqtosave

Hello Readers,

We are glad to announce our reward points program.

We always love to provide discounts to our customers as much as they buy from us, We do not want to be the one who simply sends a weird email to their customers and simply ask for a review of a product they bought from them and get a chance to win some xyz product. Instead, we feel that every customer who pays a visit and buys something from our online store is very special for us and we should make them feel winning and providing them with cashback on their purchases in a certain way.

So, here we are! We are launching our latest reward points program today, Through which our valued customers will get reward points, In which they will win cashback on their purchases at Cliqtosave Online.

Let's get started with the explanation of our reward points program now without any further delaying.

Please be advised that Guest Orders are not eligible for our Reward Points program and Only our Registered Customers are eligible for the Reward Points program.

Let's get started now, Following are the ways through which you will win and earn reward points:

Earning RulesReward Points
Each R5 spent in Cliqtosave Online01 Point
Write a review on our Facebook page Cliqtosave200 Points
Write a review at our online store on a purchased product300 Points
Refer friends and earn points for their sign up and first purchase at Cliqtosave Store600 Points

Earning Rules and Reward Points Earned:

Each R5 spent in Cliqtosave Online - 01 Point

Write a review on our Facebook page Cliqtosave - 350 Points

Write a review at our online store on the product you purchased from Cliqtosave Store - 100 Points

Share on Facebook using the share button visible Cliqtosave Store - 60 Points (Max 5 Shares Allowed = 300 Points Per Day)

Like us at Facebook using the Like button visible at Cliqtosave Store - 30 Points (Max 4 Likes Allowed = 120 Points Per Day)

Refer friends and earn points for their sign up and first purchase at Cliqtosave Store - 300 Points


How to spend Reward Points?

Spending your Reward Points is easy! Reward Points can be spent on any purchase during checkout. All your points will automatically be converted to South African Rand Currency (ZAR):

20 Points = R1.00

The validity of Reward Points?

The Reward Points will be valid for 30 days from the day you earn them.

To understand our reward points program with more detail and in action, please have a look at below provided GIF image for your reference and understanding.


And That's it for now!

We hope that you will like our Reward Points program and will soon participate to get awesome discounts with your every purchase at Cliqtosave Online :)

Furthermore, We always love to hear from our customers. In case you have any suggestions and feedback to make this awesome Reward Points program even better, please comment below and let us know with your thoughts.

In case you are facing any technical sort of issue with our Reward Points program, please write us at [email protected]