BTI Toshiba Satellite A200 A205 A210 A215 A300 A305 A305D L305 L305D (9-cells) -11.1V 6600mAh -9 Cells

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BTI Toshiba Satellite A200, A205, A210, A215, A300, A305, A305D, L305, L305D (9-cells) -11.1V, 6600mAh -9 Cells, Retail Box , 18 months warranty
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Tools & Accessories TypeLaptop Batteries
BTI Toshiba Satellite A200, A205, A210, A215, A300, A305, A305D, L305, L305D (9-cells) -11.1V, 6600mAh -9 Cells Retail Box 18 months warranty

Product Overview
Need a battery for Toshiba Laptops/Notebooks with the following model numbers: Satellite A200, A205, A210, A215, A300, A305, A305D, L305, L305D? BTI has you covered with our premium 9 cell Lion battery. This product has been engineered to meet or exceed the original manufacturer's specifications and replaces the original Toshiba part numbers PA3535U-1BAS, PS3535U-1BRS, PABAS099. All BTI batteries are manufactured and tested under our stringent quality standards and come with an industry leading 18 month manufacturer's warranty. BTI... True to the original. Replace oem number(s): PA3535U-1BAS PA3535U-1BRS PA3535U1BRS PA3682U-1BRS PABAS099 TS-A200H V000101260 V000123180 V000131210

• Device Type Notebook battery
• Color Black
• Battery
• Quantity 1
• Technology 9-cell lithium ion
• Voltage Provided 11.1 V
• Capacity 6600 mAh

Replacement Battery for the Following Notebooks
Toshiba Satellite A200-0ET00X, A200-0RY013, A200-1JH, A200-2C0, A300-1KT, A300-1L6, A300-1MZ, A300-1OF, A300-1OG, A300-1PK, A300-1RD, A300-1SM, A300-1SZ, A300-20D, A300-20E, A300-20H, A300-20J, A300-20Q, A300-214, A300-21D, A300-259, A300-262, A300-27W, A300-27X, A300-29H, A300D-14T, A300D-15E, A300D-17R, A300D-20M, A300D-219, A305-SP6926R, A305-SP6931R, A305-SP6941, A350-00T, A350-00U, A350-00V, A350-04T, A350-04U, A350-10B, A350-10U, A350-11B, A350-208, A350-20B, A350-211, A350-217, A350-21L, A350-22J, A350D-201, A355-S6882, A355-SC2901, A355-SP7927C, A500-13C, A500-19G, A500-19H, A500-1H6, A500D-10H, A505-S6012, A505-SP6021M, A505-SP6022L, A505-SP6022M, A505-SP6023M, A505-SP6986C, A505-SP6986R, A505-SP6988R, A505-SP7913C, A505-SP7913R, A505-SP7930R, L300, L300-138, L300-165, L300-18B, L300-1B8, L300-1B9, L300-1CK, L300-1CL, L300-1E5, L300-1EI, L300-1EJ, L300-1EP, L300-1EQ, L300-1F6, L300-1F8, L300-1FI, L300-20N, L300-228, L300-23C, L300-24N, L300-255, L300-25M, L300-2CV, L300-2D2, L300-2DJ, L300D, L300D-14S, L300D-20V, L300D-21Z, L305-SP5920C, L305-SP5942, L305-SP6943C, L450-11Q, L450-12H, L450D-13E, L455-S5045, L455-SP2901C, L455-SP2902C, L455-SP2903C, L455-SP5014M, L455-SP5015M, L500-138, L500-13Q, L500-14F, L500-14X, L500-157, L500-17L, L500-19P, L500-19W, L500-1ET, L500-1GK, L500-1H1, L500-1KK, L500-1PR, L500-1PU, L500-1Q7, L500-1RN, L500-1RP, L500-1TG, L500-1UH, L500-1WP, L500-1WR, L500-1XZ, L500-1Z1, L500-21R, L500-254, L500D-11M, L500D-11V, L500D-13U, L500D-16G, L505-11C, L505-13C, L505-13P, L505-13U, L505-13W, L505D-SP6983R, L505-S6955, L505-SP6011L, L505-SP6013L, L505-SP6019M, L505-SP6984R, L505-SP6999R, L550-116, L550-151, L550-15F, L550-15J, L550-16T, L550-20Q, L550D-10L, L555-124
Toshiba Satellite Pro A300-108, A300-12H, A300-1BQ, A300-1HL, A300-219, A300-21A, A300-21B, A300-26P, L300-114, L300-20H, L300-24L, L300-24M, L300-29P, L300D-SP5802, L300D-SP5808A, L300-SP5917A, L300-SP6993A, L450-192

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