Gizzu Slimline Notebook & Ultrabook Combination Lock 2m

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Secure your device against theft with the Gizzu Slimline Combination Lock.�Wrap the reinforced cable around a secure object, insert the lock into your notebook, and secure with your secret four-digit code ? keeping it safe and giving you peace of mind.
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Secure your notebook, desktop, or device with our GIZZU Security Lock slot from theft with the GIZZU Security Combination Lock. Simply attach the GIZZU Security Lock to an appropriate device (like your Laptop/Notebook) for a strong and tight fit, which is able to withstand attempts to pull and remove the lock.�Most important part is it is flat on the 1 side of the lock. This enable you to use on the thinner notebooks like ultrabooks   The cable connection pivots and rotates to make the lock easier to install. The cable connection is pull-resistant for added security against forced intrusion. The new slimline design enables you to use the flatter lock on thinner notebooks, like ultrabooks.   This easy-to-install lock is the easiest way to physically secure and protect your device against theft. Remember to keep your combination code in a safe place.


  • New slimline design enables lock use on thinner notebooks, like ultrabooks.
  • Combination lock
  • Reinforced cable
  • Easy to install

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