Mecer 3.5Kwh Lithium Battery 48 Volts (M3000)

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Mecer 3.5Kwh Lithium Battery 48 Volts (M3000)
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Battery Size48V
Battery TypeLithium Battery
Mecer Dyness B3 48V DC 3.5 kWh Lithium Battery, 6000 cycles calendar life @ 80% DOD, 74Ah nominal capacity, 50A Maximum continuous discharge current, 50A Maximum continuous charge current.

Features and advantages.

  • LiFePO4 battery, Safe, Longer life span
  • Modular design, Easy to stack, Quick installation
  • Larger energy capacity at 3.5 kWh, up to 56kWh total in paralleling
  • Natural cooling with optional heat/fan configuration
  • Wide temperature range of -20~50°C

        Dyness Energy Storage System.

  • Start using clean energy, Day and Night.
  • Dyness owns the most sophisticated team with top class R&D experts from the industry.
  • We devote ourselves to responsible engineering of the safest, greenest possible future for you and your family.
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