ROLI Beatmaker Kit (For Audio Creation)

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Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the Lightpad Block packs more power than a roomful of instruments.When paired with the NOISE app, you can make any kind of music - drum beats, guitar leads, orchestral melodies.

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Light Pad Interface

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the Lightpad Block packs more power than a roomful of instruments

When paired with the NOISE app, you can make any kind of music - drum beats, guitar leads, orchestral melodies

Approachable and easy to learn. Express the music inside of you, whether you play an instrument or not

Enjoy the interaction of touch, sound, and light

The silicone surface is pressure-responsive, and you shape sound by striking the surface, pressing into it, and moving your fingers around it

The LED-illuminated surface glows, and each touch leaves a trace of light. Colorful grids guide you to make different kinds of music

Grid Layouts

2x2 for drum kits with four sounds

4x4 for drum kits with 16 sounds

5x5 for melodic or pitched sounds (root note is always white)

Five Ways to Shape Sound Through Touch

Strike: Strike the surface to sound a note, as you would on a piano key or a drum

Glide: Glide your fingers from side to side to bend the pitch, as violinists do

Slide: Slide up and down to modulate the sound

Press: Press into the surface to deepen sounds, like a saxophone player does by breathing more

Lift: Lift off the surface at different speeds to change a sound’s resonance

Learn Mode

In Learn Mode, Light Trails appear on the surface that guide you to make beats and melodies

Learn Mode teaches you the gestures for making music, so you can move more quickly to performing

Drop Some Beats

Choose a drum kit in NOISE

Tap the surface with your finger at different speeds and on different pads of the illuminated grid

You make beats just like you would on live drums

Choose a Groove Kit and drop some grooves simply by moving your fingers around the surface

Record loops of your favorite beats to create a track

Play a Melody

Choose a scale

The notes of the scale appear on the pads of the illuminated grid

Turn on Hide Mode and you’ll always be in tune, because you’ll only see the notes for that scale

Play chords and arpeggios by pressing a single note

Record melodic sequences from a range of instruments and layer them to create beautiful harmonies

Make a Song

Arrange a musical composition with the Lightpad Block and NOISE

Record your favorite beats and melodies as loops, and layer those loops on top of each other to make a song

Keep building your song as your skills and interests grow

Perform one part of it live and the riff you improvise may be the best thing you’ve come up with yet

Expand Your Surface

Blocks DNA connectors not only magnetically connect the Blocks, but also send data, so each Block knows how it’s configured with other Blocks

Two Lightpad Blocks create a continuous surface that works just like a single Block, but with even more power

Live Blocks buttons let you switch scales and octaves, trigger chords and arpeggios, and sustain notes in real time

Mode: Toggle between favorite sounds, loops, and tracks

Volume: Adjust volume

Scale: Select any of the available 19 scales

Chord: Select a chord that is triggered from a single note

Arp: Select an arpeggio that is triggered when you press a note

Sustain: Sustain a note

Octave: Switch up or down up to three octaves

Heart: Bookmark your favorite sounds

    Loop Blocks are for producing and put studio techniques for recording and editing at your fingertips. Buttons help you record a loop, or sequence and play it back. Set tempo and quantize your performance to keep everything running in time

Tempo: Set the tempo like a metronome

Snap: Quantize recorded loops to keep everything in time

Undo: Undo your last recording

Play: Play or Pause recorded loops

Rec: Record a loop

Learn: Activate demos that teach you how to interact with each sound

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